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Dreis Van Landuyt

Dreis Van Landuyt


Dreis will admit to 25 years in the business, the last ten as the president of VGL. Prior to that, he worked for several major publishers in different capacities including sales, editorial, marketing, and digital deliveries. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. When not overseeing day-to-day operations of VGL, he is with his family and dogs in the kitchen or at the gym swimming, biking, and doing any other exercise that helps fend off the onset of middle age.

Brenda S Image

Brenda S.

Senior Project Manager

Perfection drives Brenda and serves her authors very well. She also freely and easily works in all the disciplines but has a real knack for understanding the chemistry discipline. She’s always eager to jump in with an idea and is constantly striving for better customer solutions.

Maria W.

Senior Project Manager

Getting and keeping authors on schedule is an incredible strength of Maria. She may have honed this skill working with thousands of pages of deadline driven tax content every year! Not afraid of a challenge, she works effortlessly with first time publisher teams in any area.

Janelle L

Janelle L.

Project Manager

Through constant exploration and research, Janelle continues to build her creative skills and knowledge in design and academics. Janelle is not only passionate about designing, but is dedicated to working closely with her authors to bring their ideas together. Janelle’s work is highly varied, and ranges from designing simple illustrations to producing complex textbooks. She is a committed team member, and is the first to step in when any of her coworkers need an extra set of hands on a project.

Danielle B.

Danielle B.

Graphic Designer

Danielle has the ideal mix for her role. She pairs her creative side with her customer focus to deliver just the right product. Determined, she overcomes any challenges in front of her while always happy to lend a hand to her colleagues.

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