Instructor Case Studies

Over the years we have worked with Van-Griner to produce our printed book. They lowered the price and improved the quality adding color, images and homework problems for us. This past year we needed a digital solution and they were right there with Courseware. They converted our print manual, added digital homework, linked it to our LMS, trained our instructors and more. We couldn’t be more happy. They solved a problem immediately with an awesome solution our faculty and students are happy with.

instructor Case Study
Instructor Case Study

A math instructor in Texas had their own text material but was using a major publisher’s homework software. Year after year, the price of the software kept increasing and so did the student complaints. We introduced her to Courseware and its built-in homework engine, and when she learned how much money it would save students, she enthusiastically switched. With the help of her project manager she is moving her text and homework into the platform for an all-in-one money-saving solution.

What started out as questions and notes to supplement my textbook evolved not only in size but also in course prominence; it was becoming the main textbook for the course. What was once easy to revise and edit on my own became more time consuming. For the most part, I was happy with the result, especially the price, but the materials were not as professional as I liked; my clipart, cut-paste from the Web, and photocopy quality did not reflect well in my course evaluations. Up until I met with a Van-Griner Learning Representative, I thought there was no way I could have it all, a professional looking product at a low price with limited effort on my part. Six years later, my students and I could not be any happier.