Administrator Case Studies

We had been publishing our own material with a large publisher. When they started paying less attention to us and raising the price we asked out of our contract. We requested proposals from other publishers and after reviewing them we decided to work with Van-Griner Learning. They reduced the price, improved the service and when we needed a digital component they delivered on that as well. Our book is now being used by other schools and when we need anything I just simply e-mail my project manager.

Administrator Case Study

Over the years, it seemed like we used every book out there for our introductory courses. They were largely interchangeable. When our dean asked us what we were doing to hold the price of books down, we thought we were doing a pretty good job negotiating with the publishers. Then, Van-Griner Learning came around and proposed a new option: they would support us as we created our own text, one where we could determine the price and content. It took a few years, but we now have a text we call our own, and when we are ready to revise, a Van-Griner Learning project manager is there to help us through the entire process. They take care of it ALL! We now have a less expensive text, and some of the sales go back to student causes.