Van-Griner Learning is an affordable problem-solver providing unparalleled customer service

Van-Griner Learning Story

Over a decade ago we founded Van-Griner Learning on three basic principles:

  1. Solving instructor and student problems
  2. Providing affordable course materials
  3. Best-in-industry customer service

The market response has been incredible. We have experienced tremendous growth and over the last ten years have built a large community of users from various institutions and disciplines. What we have witnessed along the way is:

  • Many of our authors have several products with us
  • Adopters have recommended us to colleagues
  • Unsolicited comments of appreciation

While our product mix and services have evolved over time, our emphasis on problem-solving, affordability, and customer service has remained unwavering.

Van-Griner Learning Story

Where We Are Today

Van-Griner E-books

Even prior to COVID-19, we had been playing an active role in the creation of new digital teaching and learning solutions. Five years ago, we began brainstorming with a group of instructors, students, and lab managers how to best use technology in science labs. How could digital tools make the experience better for students and teachers, as well as more efficient both inside and outside of the lab?

That collaborative process led to LabRight, the first all-in-one platform designed to solve problems like:

  • Grading
  • Limited resources
  • Student preparation
  • Cheating
  • Student engagement
  • New delivery issues accelerated by COVID

With LabRight, we deliver the technology colleges and universities told us they want. This is in line with our culture of creating problem-solving products at affordable prices. It has also spawned our Courseware platform: a single source for interactive course content, in any discipline, integrated with assessments, interactivity and all the key elements of student learning and course management.

While digital products and services will undoubtedly play a major role in higher education going forward, we have no intentions of abandoning print; in fact, our print options have grown too. Standalone or combined with digital, our print offerings remain flexible, top-quality, and affordable.

We invite you to explore our print and digital services and learn how we can make teaching easier for you, and more enjoyable and affordable for your students.