Lab Manager Case Studies

When COVID struck we needed a new way to deliver our manual. Our lab time was cut, the number of students in the lab was reduced and unfortunately we also had fewer instructors. I reached out to Van-Griner to see how they could help and they showed us LabRight. In less than two months they were able to convert our existing labs online and move in-lab and post-lab work to a digital format. These changes reduced the need for three-hour labs, giving us more time and space for safe face-to-face labs.

lab manager

We had been running the same labs for years despite some of them having a legacy dating back to the 1980s. It wasn’t working; the students did not like them, they did not not match our books or course objectives, and we had several “work arounds” to match our lab equipment. We started with a small publisher, but they grew in size, and the personal service deteriorated. We decided it was time to make some changes. We had a new course coordinator, and when we evaluated our options, Van-Griner not only beat the others on price and quality but on service as well.

An Ohio A&P lab manager had been using a print custom manual for years. His manual contained drawings, photos, slides and some activities complementing his text. When enrollments exceeded lab space, and with no additional resources to keep up, he began thinking about his course differently. Switching to LabRight he was able to integrate his existing text and imagery, add anatomy-specific questions using our 3-D interactive models for pre- and post-labs, and incorporate online flashcards. Relying on LabRight to prep students for labs and assess their learning freed up lab time/space and freed instructors of the time spent manually grading.

lab manager case study