All your course materials in a single platform

Van-Griner Learning Courseware

Van-Griner Learning Courseware is the one place a student needs to go for all their course needs. Integrated in one place, Courseware includes:

  • All your content including text, lectures, notes, videos
  • Quizzing and testing
  • Homework and study problems
  • Interactivity
  • A substantial cost savings to students

Courseware is much more affordable

than a textbook and homework study package.

Video Calculations

To get started with Courseware you can:

  • Select from our textbooks
  • Include your own
  • Use OpenStax
  • Combine and customize it to get exactly what you want

With “all the bells and whistles” of an e-book and more, Courseware is completely customizable and includes over 20 auto-graded assessment types, plus algorithmic and partial credit questions. It integrates seamlessly into an LMS for single sign-on and gradebook synchronization.

Select from our materials

Integrate your own content

Use OpenStax

Combine and customize it to get exactly what you want

Additional features:

  • Auto-graded problems
  • Study tools
  • High-stakes testing
  • Its own gradebook
  • Dynamic function allowing for change during a semester
  • Ability to work anywhere and on any device that has Internet access

Van-Griner Learning Courseware

is ideal for STEM, Humanities and Social Sciences.