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LabRight: Face-to-Face, Virtual or Hybrid lab solution

In any environment, managing and teaching labs can be a challenge. Now, in the midst of a pandemic, you have likely:

  • Significantly restructured them
  • Become more adaptable
  • Taken on additional responsibilities
  • Lost some resources
  • Relied more on digital
  • Seen the reduction or elimination of face-to-face labs

Now, whether you are searching for a permanent platform, or need help getting through a semester, we have an established, simple solution that is ideal for today’s and tomorrow’s lab environment. Since it integrates into all the major LMS platforms, students find it easy to use, and instructors enjoy automatic gradebook synchronization.


LabRight, an all-in-one seamless digital platform, is ideal because it is customizable and offers simple, lab-specific digital tools. We set it all up for you and provide training. LabRight turns the challenges you’re facing into new teaching and learning opportunities.

LabRight is so flexible it can be used for face-to-face, virtual or hybrid labs, and is ideal for pre-, in- or post-lab work.

LabRight provides you a tailored solution with:

  • Lab work automatically graded
  • Prepared students for the lab
  • More uniform lab sections
  • A reduction in cheating
  • Real-time course metrics
  • More student interactivity
  • Sections can be broken out by instructor


Designed for multiple delivery options, on-line, hybrid or wet labs, it can quickly and easily change during the term as needed. It’s flexible in other ways as well:

  • Completely customizable materials, including labs, images, and set up
  • Include OpenStax content
  • Quick course changes are just a couple clicks away
  • Switch your in-person lab to online by populating unique data
  • Parent-child courses allow for different versions of one course
  • Select from our library of ready-to-use experiments, edit them or add your own. If you add your own, you can receive royalties
  • Can be combined with a print manual
  • Comes with a course-specific calendar for a one-stop screen for all due dates
  • ADA compliant


Responsive, LabRight works anywhere you have Internet access including on PCs, tablets, or smartphones. It delivers through:

  • Student interactivity and media integration
  • Quizzing and testing
  • Proctoring software integration
  • 20+ question types with course-discipline assessments all auto-graded
  • A group grading feature which helps compare lab partner answers
  • A gradebook that automatically synchronizes with your LMS

With a myriad of discipline-specific question types to choose from, LabRight can double as a homework platform.


The duties of managing a lab have only gotten more difficult. You probably don’t have the time to learn new software, manage several platforms, implement new labs and be on the ready for instant change. We take care of all of this for you, we:

  • Set up all the labs including customizing them
  • Manage the LMS integration
  • Train all instructors
  • Provide you with a dedicated project manager = only one person to contact!
Van-Griner Learning Affordable


You might expect a completely customized on-line manual with learning tools for the student and grading and course management options for the instructor to be expensive, but it’s not. LabRight Biology, Chemistry and Physics base price are just $30 to the student (LabRight A&P is $35), and this includes training and support. A huge student savings, especially when you compare this cost to what students are paying now. And with LabRight they get:

  • A custom lab manual
  • Homework
  • Study tools
  • Interactivity
  • LMS integration

Instructors and Students need only one product, LabRight

Getting Started:

  • customized labs
    Start with our labs, customize them, add your own or keep them as is

  • virtual, face-to-face or hybrid
    Labs can be used for virtual, face-to-face or hybrid

  • project manager
    Your project manager puts them all together

  • train instructor
    Integrate into your LMS and train your instructors

Using LabRight now and in the future

While uncertainty in your learning environment isn’t immediately going away, you can rely on LabRight to provide you a flexible, affordable, digital solution. And when labs meet in-person again, Van-Griner Learning and LabRight are there to make the changes so you don’t have to re-invent your lab.

For example, if your resources aren’t at the same level as they were prior to the pandemic, LabRight can assist by making your wet labs more efficient through:

  • Virtual labs, especially for labs that don’t necessarily require face-to-face time
  • Pre- and post-lab preparation and grading tools

Wherever your labs end up, we’ll work with you on the transition.

Request a demo now or see how LabRight Anatomy and Physiology, LabRight Biology or LabRight Chemistry can solve your unique teaching challenges.

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