LabRight Biology

Designed to challenge and engage in and out of the lab

Lab work automatically graded

All pre-, in- and post-lab work can be automatically graded with specific feedback. We also have tools that make grading group work and open-ended questions easier and faster.

Prepared students for the lab

Lab prep work can be moved to LabRight ensuring students are ready to execute the lab, making for a more efficient and safe lab.

More uniform lab sections

Students receive the same lab instructions through videos, PowerPoints and simulations.

A reduction in cheating

Use LabRight tools, like algorithmic questions and our group tool to compare lab partner answers.

Real-time course metrics

A dashboard provides a quick and easy insight into a lab section, including students work.

More student interactivity

Through simulations and the integration of videos students become more engaged with the content.

LMS integration and training

We will integrate LabRight into your LMS and train all faculty.

Enjoy all the benefits

of the LabRight brand including:

  • Lab work automatically graded
  • Prepared students for the lab
  • More uniform lab sections
  • A reduction in cheating
  • Real-time course metrics
  • More student interactivity
  • LMS integration and training

With LabRight Biology

you also get a platform:

  • With integrated images and questions
  • Recitation video options, including auto-graded questions
  • Narrated slide shows that are transcribed
  • Homework, quizzing and testing

Other features include:

  • A full on-screen editor ideal for taking notes, observations or writing lab reports
  • Variable grading. Students enter their own, unique data and the platform automatically grades it, only marking incorrect calculations
  • Easily upload dozens of unique document types, including lab reports

Automatic Graphing

An integrated graphing tool eliminates the need for third-party software. Students import data for instant graphing followed by auto-graded questions based on their graphs.

labright biology

Getting Started:

  • customized labs
    Start with our labs, customize them, add your own or keep them as is

  • virtual, face-to-face or hybrid
    Labs can be used for virtual, face-to-face or hybrid

  • project manager
    Your project manager puts them all together

  • train instructor
    Integrate into your LMS and train your instructors

Face-to-face, Virtual or Hybrid,

LabRight Biology is a perfect solution.


  • The pre-lab features introductory materials, slides, simulations, and quizzes ensuring students are ready for the lab when they arrive.
  • In-lab, students can use LabRight to make recordings and enter data, and post-lab it’s perfect for write-ups, lab reports, and calculations.


  • Use some of the pre- and post-lab features with your face-to-face lab to make for an efficient and synchronized experience. This can shorten lab time allowing room for additional students.


  • Begin with our labs or your own to create the perfect virtual lab. Variable data, simulations and videos provide students a rich away-from-school experience.