LabRight A&P

With interactive 3-D simulations of the entire human condition

Enjoy all the benefits

of the LabRight brand including:

  • Lab work automatically graded
  • Prepared students for the lab
  • More uniform lab sections
  • A reduction in cheating
  • Real-time course metrics
  • More student interactivity

See What LabRight can do for you

Interactive Heart Model

3D interactive images and

simulations of the entire human condition:

  • Zoom and rotate
  • Customize images and labels, including 2-D images
  • Integrate with all the LabRight 20+ question types
  • Color and hide features

Content library of labs and images,

makes for a perfect starting point:

  • Select and use the labs as they are
  • Customize labs to match your course goals
  • Use your own labs and images and add them to our library for royalty options
  • Search our database for existing images
  • Incorporate OpenStax materials
  • Third-party materials permissioned as necessary
Labright Anatomy and Physiology

LabRight A&P is a perfect study

and assessment tool:

  • Whiteboard for students to draw, label and upload for grading
  • Algorithmic questions for repetitive quizzing
  • Interactive model manipulation
  • Custom flashcards
  • Quizzing
  • Homework
  • Testing

Additional features include:

  • Spelling tolerance – allow for one or several spelling variations
  • The uploading of student work
  • Our labs are mapped to current HAPS outcomes

Here is an example of LabRight that you can use

as is or adapt for your course, and it comes from Corey Johnson at The University of North Carolina. He has developed a hybrid manual that includes:

Integrated 3-D simulations

in all his labs. He customized with his own
  • Labeling
  • Questions
  • Views

Also in LabRight he has

  • Added quizzes
  • Integrated it into his LMS


  • Self-assessment questions for student practice
  • Guided reading questions
  • Graded exercises

Van-Griner Learning

  • Managed all the production
  • Worked with the LMS to link all exercises
  • Trained faculty
  • Provides on-going support
Labright Anatomy and Physiology

Getting Started:

  • customized labs
    Start with our labs, customize them, add your own or keep them as is
  • virtual, face-to-face or hybrid
    Labs can be used for virtual, face-to-face or hybrid
  • project manager
    Your project manager puts them all together
  • train instructor
    Integrate into your LMS and train your instructors

LabRight A&P is completely flexible,

and you can use some or all the features for:

  • Wet labs – The pre-lab features introductory material, slides, simulations, and quizzes ensuring students are ready for the lab when they arrive. In-lab, students can make recordings and enter data, and post-lab it’s perfect for write-ups, lab reports, and making calculations.
  • Use some of the pre- and post-lab features with your in-person labs to make for an efficient and synchronized experience. This integration can shorten lab time, thus allowing for more students.
  • Virtual labs. Use our labs or your own to create effective virtual labs. Our 3-D rotatable image bank allows students to get up close and personal with the human body and when complemented with other materials, like your own or variable data, students get a rich away-from-school experience. Plus, they have 24×7 access to all the materials.