The last year has brought unimaginable challenges to higher education. Students, instructors, and administrators were abruptly forced to rethink their course delivery. Through all of this, we have been working with our instructors to help them pivot and deliver flexible solutions that meet course goals while keeping themselves and students safe.

Here’s what we are hearing from you:

  • It’s craziness
  • I can’t even think straight
  • I don’t see a quick and easily defined endpoint to the chaos
  • I’m just trying to keep my head above water
  • I now must work with fewer resources; our TAs have been re-assigned
Van-Griner Learning Covid and Beyond

We have been responding by:

  • Quickly adapting traditional print materials into one of our online options
  • Providing different versions of existing content
  • Selling direct to students
  • Creating new resources in LabRight or Courseware
  • Training instructors on how to use digital materials
  • Integrating content into LMSs
  • Providing engaging content, including simulations and other interactive resources

While you continue to confront the “new normal” and even anticipate what the future holds, explore some of our solutions like LabRight, Courseware or E-Books.

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What's Next

No one knows what the higher education environment will look like going forward. We hope a vaccination makes it safe to return to face-to-face learning, but will courses ever look the same as they once did? Chances are they won’t. Potential new challenges could face us, including:

  • Fewer resources
  • More students
  • Shorter face-to-face time
  • Increased role of digital education

Our digital solutions are designed to accentuate the best that distance education offers while complementing face-to-face education. This combination, and the ability to have it customized, is unique. You won’t find another publisher able to deliver all of this at an affordable price.

You don’t have to start over and you don’t have to cobble together disparate pieces on your own. Explore our options or contact us and learn how we can help you return to a normal work-life balance.