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For more than a decade, Van-Griner has been obsessed with delivering high quality, custom, affordable print lab manuals. LabRight is the continuation of our commitment to the customer, this time in an online format. We have carefully crafted this next generation of manuals to take advantage of the online environment without overcomplicating matters. What students and instructors have discovered is an intuitive product that makes the transition from print to digital easy, effective, and affordable.
LabRight is also mobile friendly and can standalone or be incorporated in an LMS for single sign-on.
Continuing our commitment to service, we will completely set up your course,
including all sections, and provide hands-on training for instructors.
Preparing Students for the Lab
In-lab time is valuable; that’s why LabRight has 20 plus different customizable assessment types, including video and adaptive questions, that when combined with pre-lab content, maximize lab time by
  • preparing students through interactive content and questions
  • providing teaching assistants (TA) with student responses that can be specifically addressed at the start of the lab reducing the need to lecture during the lab
  • conveying a consistent pre-lab message, which can be delivered by video so lab coordinators are assured that all students will have the same experience regardless of teaching experience
  • engaging students through multi-media options
Reducing Cheating
Circulating lab answers is a challenge for most lab instructors, but in LabRight cheating can be mitigated with use of the following features:
  • Algorithmic questions
  • Embargoed answers, held until all students have completed the assignment
  • Forced submission, so all answers will be collected at a set time, such as at the end of the lab.
Providing Consistent and Efficient Grading
Through auto-grading, partial credit, and rubric tools, all students, across all sections, can have their answers graded immediately, freeing up instructor time and ensuring student answers are graded consistently regardless of teaching experience. Even with open response questions, LabRight has tools that make grading assignments simple and easily provides consistent feedback.
Providing Real-time Course Metrics – Actionable Insight
A customizable instructor dashboard allows for all aspects of the course to be assessed: a student, a student response, a TA, a question, a learning objective, or any item that is recorded making it easy for intervention.
Delivering Interactive, Engaging Student Experience – Active Learning
Videos, animations, interactive narratives, 3-D models, and adaptive question types are just some of the ways LabRight creates a dynamic student experience. Instructors can pick and choose which element is best to explain and assess students’ understanding of the material and can easily incorporate their own videos. The varied approaches are more in line with today’s students, who expect and are drawn to a digital learning environment.
All-in-One Platform – Complete Experience
Integrated into an LMS or not, LabRight eliminates the need for additional software or plug-ins. LabRight is platform agnostic and works on all browsers regardless of the operating system; it’s mobile friendly. In addition, the complete student experience—content, assessment and teaching tools—are all seamlessly integrated into LabRight and can be used in and/or out of the lab setting. In LabRight, a lab coordinator can do the following:
  • Easily change/create the content or question
  • Provide ongoing feedback
  • Quiz, test, or provide high stakes secure exams for students
  • Customize existing labs and illustrations from our databases
  • Manage all aspects of the course regardless of the number of sections
  • Have students use it in a wet lab to record data and observations
  • Schedule the opening and closing of access to material or make material available only after a student has achieved certain criteria
  • Populate a student’s calendar with course specific messages
  • Partial credit
  • Multiple choice
  • Matching
  • Open-ended
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Automatically graded questions
  • Rubric assignments
  • Flashcards
  • Tables and questions for pre-, in-, and post-lab
  • Adaptive
  • Variable response
  • Image-based questions
Customizable Features:
  • Student feedback
  • Limited attempts
  • Embargoed answers
  • Algorithmic questions
  • Rubrics
  • Significant figures
  • Media assets including videos and animations
  • Uploaded student responses
  • and more!
All our assessment types come with options including providing feedback, allowing for several attempts, taking a student's last or best answers, and more.
Customer Service
If you have little or no experience with digital or have no specific digital content, it doesn’t matter; our dedicated project managers and SMEs will make recommendations and set up the entire course and train all instructors on how to use and maximize LabRight. We will assign roles (lab coordinator, teaching assistant, etc.) that will allow for varying controls of LabRight. Courses can also be copied and saved so setting up new sections or new courses in a new semester is simple. We will also provide permission services, illustrate images, customize existing labs, share a database of labs and other content to draw on, and offer royalty options.
Like our print manuals, LabRight is priced with the student in mind. A complete LabRight manual is far less expensive than off-the-shelf or many custom print manuals. We offer direct sales to the students, which can reduce the price by eliminating bookstore mark-ups. You can request a quote by e-mailing us at
Our LabRight A&P users are thrilled with the different image options we have available—photos, illustrations, slides, models, dissections, interactive, 3-D—and the many ways they can incorporate them into LabRight. No longer accessed in the lab only, the images can be used in pre-lab assignments or readings. With or without our assessment tools, the images help prepare students for the lab. In post-lab, they can be used again to quiz/test and measure student’s comprehension. If you want to include school specific images, Van-Griner will take photos and videos of your lab to use in LabRight.
Algebra or calculus-based labs are a natural fit in LabRight. Questions can be written in both and then merged with video or images so students can prepare for lab, answer lab generated questions or be tested post-lab. Like all LabRight questions, responses can be submitted for auto grading. Mechanics, energy in motion are just a few of the topics that can represented dynamically in LabRight to help students learn the material.
Labright Biology is ideal for all introductory biology courses including general and majors biology, microbiology, and genetics. Like anatomy and physiology, unlocking images—photos, illustrations, 3-D, and slides—and including them in LabRight solves two problems. Students don’t have to be in lab or even on campus to access them, and the images can be used in any of our assessment types, creating an engaging interactive learning environment. With LabRight, students can also bring their smartphones, iPads, or PCs in the lab and make recordings and observations directly in LabRight and either turn them in before leaving the lab or continue to work away from the lab.
LabRight Chemistry has all the features of LabRight plus a chemistry equation editor and lab preparation videos. Combined with scientific notation tools and the ability to work with significant figures, LabRight is ideal for all general and GOB lab courses. With a chemistry editor, students can respond easily, and for instructors, it is a straightforward way to create problems and have them auto graded. A series of videos that cover the basics of chemistry from safety to how to use standard equipment are ideal for lab preparation. Used in the lab, LabRight can record data that can be manipulated after lab and submitted for grading. Our variable response tool allows for auto-grading based on different student entries eliminating hours of grading time.