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Van-Griner Learning Services

Hundreds of faculty have trusted Van-Griner Learning since 2009 to help them create the perfect learning materials (print & digital) at a price their students love!  VGL complements our strong in-house team of project managers with best-in-class partnerships to develop a wide range of solutions for your classroom. Here’s a brief overview of our services:

No Contracts

Unlike other companies, Van-Griner Learning won’t make you sign a contract.  Ever.  Since you own the copyright and publishing rights to your material, you’re free to take it anywhere you’d like.

Why do we offer this policy? Because in ten years, no one has left us yet.

Dedicated Project Managers

From day one, you’ll be assigned a project manager who will work with you throughout the entire process, all the way through completion.

Open Educational Resources

We partner with OpenStax, the most recognizable name on OER, to provide foundational content for your project.  If you’re looking for a few paragraphs to finish a project or several chapters to start a project, OpenStax has you covered.

Print & Digital Services

  • Copyediting
  • Images & Illustrations
  • Permissions
  • Design & Layout
  • Composition

Printing & Distribution

  • At VGL, we have our own top-of-the-line printing presses which means we cut down on time and cost while keeping a close watch on quality.  VGL prints and ships your books directly to your bookstore(s), and we also make our titles available directly to students (saving them 30%+) through our website.

Digital Solutions

  • Quantitative Homework – if you want to add homework to your math project, XYZ has you covered.  From algorithmic problem types to LMS integration, explore how our partnership with XYZ can help you create the perfect solution in your math course.
  • Ebooks and Interactive Online Content – if you want to extend your offering beyond print, our partnership with VitalSource offers unparalleled interactivity through online quizzes, flash cards, videos, note sharing, and more, all in one online platform, along with an eBook.  To see a demo of Vital Source or learn more about their capabilities, click here.
  • LabRight — LabRight is the continuation of our commitment to the customer, this time in an online format. We have carefully crafted this next generation of manuals to take advantage of the online environment without overcomplicating matters. What students and instructors have discovered is an intuitive product that makes the transition from print to digital easy, effective, and affordable. Click here to find out more.

Royalties, Revenues, and Grants

If you’re interested in new ways to fund a scholarship program, create a learning lab, or generate revenue for other departmental initiatives, we can help by offering you royalties on your OWN content.  Why pay other publishers for their content when you can re-direct student funds back into your own department?

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