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About VGL

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Our Mission

To provide services that empower instructors to decide on content, pricing, and delivery.

Our Story

At Van-Griner Learning, we believe that the traditional publishing model isn’t working, so for a decade, we haven’t been selling expensive textbooks. Our focus is to provide instructors with content options and publishing services and let them decide on the price, the final content, and the delivery method. They make the decisions, and we make the execution simple. Layer on top our customer-driven approach, and it’s easy to see why hundreds of customers have been partnering with us for years.  We are more than OK with instructors having the power; we like it that way.

Our beginnings started when a laid-off publishing manager (Van) reconnected with his printing friend (Griner). We aren’t geniuses, but we had a hunch that $200 textbooks weren’t sustainable, and someday there would be a market revolution. Was it time for the overthrow? Emboldened with the idea of changing the dialog to price and services, we hit campus.

Outmanned, we kept knocking on doors; some folks were nice enough to listen, and some of them even gave us a try. It took off, and now to keep up, we have added content partners like OpenStax while expanding our digital options through customer-demanded services like eBooks, electronic homework, and full digital course solutions. Today, we publish across the curriculum while continuing to reduce the price, all the while giving back hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to schools and students.

  • I have been in the higher education business for nearly thirty years. During that time, I have had the opportunity to get to know a variety of publishing representatives and publishing companies. My experiences with Van-Griner Learning stand head and shoulders above the others. This is truly a unique collection of individuals with a passion for innovation. President Dreis Van Landuyt personifies this passion; he brings wit and engagement to a product that is simply unsurpassed. Van-Griner is your best bet for 21st century publishing.

    - Professor, University of Kentucky

  • Thanks for all the hard work. You are awesome. I am so glad we went with Van-Griner Learning.

    - Lab Coordinator, Marshall University

  • It is even more profound after our recent interaction with other publishers, that Van-Griner Learning and (its) project managers… are the absolute best. We could not have done this without them.

    - Instructor, Wright State University

  • The workbook has been an invaluable resource for the College Algebra classes. Our project manager made the entire process flow beautifully. Without her encouragement, suggestions, and feedback the workbook would not have been a success. Thank you for making the entire process work well.

    - Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati

  • Thank you so much, the manuals are outstanding. The whole experience has been great from the beginning to the end of the process. You are wonderful at your job!!! Kudos to you for your talent and professionalism. I look forward to working with you in the future.

    - Senior Lecturer, Northern Kentucky University

  • It has been wonderful working with you – I’ve enjoyed it very much. Thank you for being so meticulous and competent, I really appreciate that.

    - Adjunct Professor, Kent State University

  • I cannot imagine a publisher being more supportive than Van-Griner Learning. I truly felt like I was the only author with whom they were dealing – responses to questions were answered almost immediately and drafts moved back and forth without delay. The good-looking, well-designed textbooks arrived in the bookstore in a timely fashion and instructor’s copies were sent out quickly.  I highly recommend Van-Griner Learning, and I recommend that any professor who is concerned about the outrageous price of textbooks to contact them. With their help, you can write your own text.

    - Professor, University of Louisville

  • I am very pleased with the quality of the product and how you managed the project. I would like to thank you for making this process smooth and enjoyable. The design of the manual looks very nice and I am sure our students will enjoy the book. I am looking forward to using the manual.

    - Professor, Stark State College

  • The layout, choice of colors, graphics, and elements is truly outstanding. I never imagined that the manual would look this good or that this process would be so easy on my part. I am sure that there is a lot of hard work and effort that I don’t see, but you make things seem so clear and easy.

    - Professor, Bowling Green State University

  • Just a note to say ‘THANKS!’  Your people have been so great to work through on our insanely last-minute projects. I love great service and I the Van-Griner Learning folks exemplify that.

    - Industry publishing partner

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