Corporate, Partnership, Estate and Gift Taxation 2021

James W. Pratt University of Houston
William N. Kulsrud Indiana University
ISBN-13: 978-1-61740-791-8

1,048 Pages; Hardcover Book

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James W. Pratt
Professor Emeritus at University of Houston

James W. (Jim) Pratt is a Professor Emeritus of Accountancy & Taxation at the University of Houston’s C.T. Bauer College of Business. Jim joined the faculty in 1972 after receiving his doctorate degree from the University of Southern California. He has published articles in leading professional journals, such as the Journal of Accountancy, Journal of Taxation, Journal of Corporate Taxation, Journal of Partnership Taxation, and The Tax Adviser. In addition to his contributions as an author and editor, Jim has received several awards for outstanding teaching. He has also taught in continuing professional education programs for more than 40 years, and has served as a tax training consultant for several national and local accounting firms.


William N. Kulsrud
Professor Emeritus at Indiana University

William N. (Bill) Kulsrud is a Professor Emeritus of Accounting at the Kelley School of Business of Indiana University, Indianapolis/Bloomington, and formerly served as Chair of the Master of Science in Accounting and Master of Science in Taxation programs. Bill joined the faculty in 1979 after receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Texas. He has published numerous articles, which have appeared in leading professional journals such as the Journal of Taxation, Journal of Corporate Taxation, The Tax Adviser, Taxation for Accountants, and TaxesThe Tax Magazine. In addition to his contributions as an author and editor, Bill has received many awards for outstanding teaching. In 1990, he was named Accounting Educator of the Year by the Indiana C.P.A. Society. He has also taught hundreds of professional education programs for national and local accounting firms, and has developed materials used in their continuing education programs. Bill and author Steve Thompson founded National Tax Education, which provides continuing education for tax professionals throughout the country.


Hughlene Burton
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Hughlene Burton is the Director of the Turner School of Accountancy and Associate Professor of Accounting. She received her BS in Accounting from Wake Forest University and her Ph.D. from the University of Alabama. She is a CPA and joined the Belk College of Business in 1996. Before joining academia, she was a tax manager with EY in Charlotte and Greensboro. Her research interests include corporate integration, tax policy, and corporate and international tax issues.


Contributing Authors

Christine C. Cheng, Ph.D. University of Mississippi
Marguerite R. Hutton, Ph.D., C.P.A. Western Washington University
Robert W. Jamison, Ph.D., C.P.A. Indiana University
William N. Kulsrud, Ph.D., C.P.A. Indiana University
Nathan Oestreich, Ph.D., C.P.A. San Diego State University
James W. Pratt, D.B.A., C.P.A. University of Houston
Roby B. Sawyers, Ph.D., C.P.A. North Carolina State University
Edward J. Schnee, Ph.D., C.P.A. University of Alabama
Steven C. Thompson, Ph.D., C.P.A. Texas State University

Corporate, Partnership, Estate and Gift Taxation 2021

James W. Pratt University of Houston
William N. Kulsrud Indiana University
ISBN-13: 978-1-61740-791-8

1,048 Pages; Hardcover Book

Includes TaxActTM Software Download

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– Printed Book: $261.75

– Study Guide: $47.75





About the Product

Pratt & Kulsrud’s Corporate, Partnership, Estate and Gift Taxation emphasizes the areas of taxation essential to individuals pursuing careers in taxation and tax-related fields. After an in-depth exploration of the tax problems faced by regular corporations and their shareholders, this text turns its focus to the taxation of partnerships, partners, and S corporations. These chapters are followed by a pair of chapters addressing the special problems relating to international taxation and state and local taxation—two areas of growing importance. After federal estate and gift taxation are discussed, the text concludes with two additional chapters on the income taxation of estates, trusts, and beneficiaries, and the major aspects of family tax planning. The scope of this text is intentionally broad, both to accommodate a variety of uses and to provide flexibility for instructors designing advanced tax courses. Includes TaxAct desktop software.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Corporate Taxation

Chapter 1 — Income Taxation of Corporations

Appendix: ASC 740—Accounting for Income Taxes in the Financial Statements

Chapter 2 — Corporate Formation and Capital Structure

Chapter 3 — Corporate Distributions: Cash, Property, and Stock Dividends

Chapter 4 — Corporate Distributions: Stock Redemptions and Partial Liquidations

Chapter 5 — Complete Liquidations

Chapter 6 — Penalty Taxes on Corporate Accumulations

Part 2 Advanced Corporate Tax Topics

Chapter 7 — Corporate Reorganizations

Chapter 8 — Consolidated Tax Returns

Part 3 Flow-Through Entities

Chapter 9 — Taxation of Partnerships and Partners

Chapter 10 — Partnership Distributions, Dispositions of Partnership Interests,
and Partnership Terminations

Chapter 11 — S Corporations: General Rules Applicable to All S Corporations

Chapter 12 — S Corporations: Former C Corporations, Sales and Purchases
of Stock, Comparison of Entities

Part 4 Multijurisdictional Taxation

Chapter 13 — International Taxation

Chapter 14 — State and Local Taxation

Part 5 Family Tax Planning

Chapter 15 — Estate and Gift Taxation

Chapter 16 — Income Taxation of Estates and Trusts

Chapter 17 — Family Tax Planning

Part 6 Tax Research and Tax Practice

Chapter 18 — Sources and Applications of Federal Tax Law

Chapter 19 — Tax Practice and Procedure


Appendix A — Estate and Gift Tax Valuation Tables

Appendix B — Tax Forms

Appendix C — Table of Cases Cited

Appendix D — Table of Code Sections Cited

Appendix E — Table of Regulations Cited

Appendix F — Table of Revenue Procedures and Revenue Rulings Cited

Appendix G — Glossary of Tax Terms

Appendix H — Modified ACRS Tables



  • Trusted annual updates throughout the entire Pratt-Kulsrud 2021 Tax Series reflect the latest, most important developments from the previous year. 

Use the 2021 Tax Series with complete confidence that your course incorporates the most timely tax and business developments, including all updates to Internal Revenue laws, legislation, judicial decisions and administrative pronouncements by the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Coverage reflects the continuing impact of recent acts. 
  • The latest legislative updates affecting individual taxpayers keep your course up to date. 
  • All problems and examples reflect the most recent tax developments. 

Updates and revisions to this edition’s tax return problems, test bank problems and tax return examples incorporate today’s most recent tax legislation.

  • TaxAct Desktop Software download accompanies each new text. 
  • Proven problem materials gauge comprehension. 

A variety of assessment tools at the end of each chapter check student understanding. These assessment tools include discussion questions and computational problems as well as tax-return problems that highlight topics discussed in the chapter.

New to this Edition

  • The latest updates throughout this edition reflect today’s most recent tax laws and changes. Up-to-the-minute updates through the text’s presentation and supplements demonstrate the most recent changes in tax legislation and indexing of statutory amounts at the time of publication, making this revision as accurate and current as possible.
  • New and revised problems throughout the text and in the test questions reflect today’s latest tax challenges. At least 20-30 percent of the problem materials in the text and test items throughout this edition’s Test Bank are new or significantly revised to reflect the latest tax developments.
  • Revised learning objectives offer more specific, tangible learning outcomes. Throughout this edition, stronger, revised Learning Objectives more effectively reflect more specific, tangible, and testable learning outcomes to ensure your students’ success.
  • Further emphasis on tax planning guides students in evaluating tax options. This edition provides additional focus on tax planning to better equip students in analyzing financial situations and plans from a tax perspective.


Purchase of this book includes access for a limited time to the educational version of TaxAct Software. Use and access to the software is governed by terms and conditions as set forth by TaxAct, Inc. TaxAct, Inc. has reserved the right to limit or terminate access to the software in its discretion. Use of the software is intended solely for educational purposes as the version of the software made available may not include real time updates to modifications to the U.S. Tax Code. The educational version of the software is not intended to be used for the preparation of any tax return to be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service.

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Instructor Supplements

  • Solutions Manual. Solutions to end-of-chapter discussion questions and computational problems are included in this manual. Specific pages and examples from the text are referenced, as are supporting statutory and administrative authorities, when appropriate.
  • Instructor’s Resource Guide and Test Bank. This guide includes solutions to comprehensive and tax research problems and tax-return problems, along with a test bank of more than 750 objective questions (true-false and multiple choice), whose answers reference specific pages and examples in the text.
  • PowerPoint® Slides. Designed for classroom use, there are slides for each chapter’s principle topics, as well as slides containing solutions for many problems.
  • Lecture Outlines. These outlines help instructors organize class discussions for greatest efficacy.
  • Legislative Updates. Page-specific updates, tax law changes, and inflation adjustments are posted on a regular basis to the Pratt & Kulsrud website: Supplements.


  • Instructor ancillaries. Including the Solutions Manual, Instructor’s Resource Guide and Test Bank, and Lecture Outlines — are provided online at our website. This gives instructors the ultimate tool for preparing and customizing lectures, presentations, and exams. To access the test bank files see the Test Bank Instructor Guide.
  • Cognero is an easy-to-use test-creation online assessment system that allows you to create tests from the existing test banks. Instructors are able to edit, add, or remove from the test banks to customize them to fit their needs.

Student Supplements

  • Study Guide. A Study Guide to Accompany Corporate, Partnership, Estate and Gift Taxation 2021 is available online for purchase. Written by the authors, the Study Guide provides in-depth chapter reviews, study exercises, and true-false/multiple-choice questions. These materials may be used in students’ initial study of the chapter content, and also in their review. The Study Guide is only available online.
  • TaxAct desktop software. Purchase of this book includes access for a limited time to the educational version of TaxAct Software.

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