“I cannot imagine a publisher being more supportive than Van-Griner. I truly felt like I was the only author with whom they were dealing– responses to questions were answered almost immediately and drafts moved back and forth without delay. The good-looking, well-designed textbooks arrived in the bookstore in a timely fashion and instructor’s copies were sent out quickly. I highly recommend Van-Griner, and I recommend that any professor who is concerned about the outrageous price of textbooks contact them. With their help, you can write your own text.”
– Martha Zimmerman, University of Lousiville

“The workbook has been an invaluable resource for the College Algebra classes.  Our project manager made the entire process flow beautiful.  Without her encouragement, suggestions, and feedback the workbook would not have been a success.  Thank you and everyone on your staff for making the entire process work well.”
– Sandra Franz, University of Cincinnati

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– William Rayens, University of Kentucky

“The whole manual came together so nicely. Working with the graphic artist to create the pictures that had been in my head for so long was delightful. Because my manual looks so professionally done, and the students have a place for their notes, graphs, questions, and sketches, I feel that my class goes so much smoother. Students can look back and see the big picture of what their Biology course has provided.”
– Amy Hollingsworth, Akron University

“I received the 104 and 105 lab manual desk copies today, and had some fun paging through them.  I am happy with the look of them, and am interested in getting them into use this fall! Thanks again for all your help, and for being so easy to work with.  It makes a difference!  Again, thank you for a reasonable experience.  I’ve certainly had “other”!”
– Susan Weinstein, Marshall University

"Thank you so much, the manuals are outstanding. The whole experience has been great from the beginning to the end of the process.  You are wonderful at your job!!!  Kudos to you for your talent and professionalism.  I look forward to working with you in the future.”
– Deborah Dempsey, Northern Kentucky University

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– University of Akron

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– Xavier University

“You and your people have been great. Thanks for treating me so well. Much appreciated.”
– Thomas Poetter, Miami of Ohio