From lab manuals in the sciences, to readers in the humanities, our services are versatile enough to successfully meet the needs of your product. We don’t discriminate by the length of the product or its life cycle. Whether your project is just starting, or your idea that needs fleshing out, or your book has been previously published elsewhere…. our experience will help make your project successful. Over time we recognize that products evolve and we assist in that evolution. What one day began as a problem set or a single experiment could develop into a full course of materials.

Van-Griner’s publishing focus is primarily in the higher education marketplace. Our services are utilized best when course enrollments exceed 400 students a year. By focusing on these markets we can provide dedicated services and exceptional pricing. If you have smaller enrollments do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a publishing solution. While we will publish all different types of educational materials, some of our customer preferred options include:
  • Products in most all disciplines including the sciences, humanities, social science, mathematics and others
  • Lab manuals
  • Original materials and materials that require permissions or illustrations
  • Materials for distance learning courses
  • Co-published or department authored products